Posted On: March 28, 2019


Media Organization: Globely Learning

Company Description

Globely Learning ( is the creator of the Globely News app, launched this month in the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store. Users of the app can listen to Globely News in Spanish, French, Italian, or German to get interesting news stories from around the world spoken at a speed and in a vocabulary designed for language learners while also staying informed of the world’s latest developments.

Job Description

New media start-up is looking to hire a remote contributor who will work with our editorial staff on news stories for use on our digital platform. Responsibilities:

Be socially informed and perceptive, up-to-date and in tune daily with international and national trends and/or specialized knowledge of topics related to regions of the world.

Write simple, straightforward, but engaging copy that speaks to a broad audience of news consumers across the social and political spectrum - this is *not* op-ed work.

Provide “one-touch” editing, working with a level of accuracy that allows quick use of content.

Work collaboratively as necessary. Be good at taking constructive feedback and then implementing that feedback.

Be comfortable working with a scrappy start-up, which means we sometimes “build the plane as we fly it,” but this should never come at the expense of our audience or the quality of our work.

Ability to commit to a consistent schedule of approximately 5 hours per week, and be reliable on the days and hours to which we agree. The work will be primarily remote so you will not have to commute.

Be reliable over email/text/phone as necessary for basic logistics and coordination of work.

Qualifications Requirements include:

Pathway to bachelor’s degree or higher in journalism, communications or related field, or equivalent experience

Superior skills writing copy that combines news judgment, knowledge, and good taste

Understanding or desire to learn basic legal considerations of editorial/copy work

Demonstrated ability to keep deadlines and maintain quality

Comfort with Google Docs, search engines and social media tools

Versatile and adaptable to a broad array of subject areas of news coverage

To Apply

Please email with a resume and brief cover letter.