Editorial Assistant/Digital Staff Writer

Posted On: February 18, 2020

Journalism Job

Media Organization: Bonnier corporation

Company Description

Bonnier Corp. is one of the largest special-interest publishing groups in America, with more than 30 multichannel magazine brands extending into all platforms including digital media, books, events, product licensing and more. With more than 300 employees, Bonnier Corp. is one of the leading special-interest publishers in the country.

Job Description

We are seeking a highly organized Editorial Assistant to join our InterestingThings.com team.
This site produces two main types of content: long-form slideshows and short form gear coverage, using a generous content budget to make sure we create the best possible stories that fit within those formats. Your role will be to assist with scheduling, editing, producing, and promoting this content. You will also manage the contracting process to make sure all contributors are paid on time.

Upload all content published to InterestingThings.com (five slideshows and 10 short gear stories per week)
Write at least one of these slideshow stories per week
Help Deputy Editor track story status from assignment through payment
Write headlines and display copy
Write promotional copy for Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms
Help build video versions of our slideshow stories
Develop relationships with our syndication partners to help make sure we get more and better placements on their sites
Manage contracts, payments, and all other digital paperwork required to keep our content operation running smoothly
Administrative and other duties as needed

Demonstrated ability to write clearly, accurately, entertainingly and to meet deadlines
Photo editing experience a plus, as is familiarity with stock agencies (especially Getty)
Strong organizational and project management skills, including familiarity with Google Sheets
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Bachelor’s degree in English or Journalism

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