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Posted On: September 15, 2020


Media Organization: Freshfruit, Inc.

Company Description

Freshfruit, Inc. is an audacious and modern media company that believes it is time the LGBTQ+ community retreats from living at the fringes. Through compelling, energetic and honest journalism, our coverage breaks the mold and examines what it means to be LGBTQ+ in a continually more accepting society.

Freshfruit’s fundamental core value is to showcase LGBTQ+ individuals as being fully whole, vibrant, productive, and the true pioneers that they have been in shaping and moving the culture at large.


Job Description

I’m the CEO of an emerging LGBTQ+ media company called Freshfruit backed by the former publisher and CRO of Rolling Stone. We are expecting to launch our website in early October.

A Freshfruit, a new name I've coined, is an LGBTQ+ person (and ally) who is bold, unbothered and unbound and who may not constrain themselves to expectations of gender identity and expression. Our mission is to bring better LGBTQ+ representation and journalism to queer media; to reorient society to the contributions of the LGBTQ+ as pioneers, change makers, and cultural innovators; and to inspire queer youth.

I’m seeking submissions for from talented writers with sharp minds, who write compelling stories and takes, and whose values align with those of Freshfruit. Articles are non-paid at this time. Stories can be 500 words to 4,000 words covering arts & culture, fitness, gossip, health & wellness, music & entertainment, sports, news, style & fashion, and travel. Stories must relate to LGBTQ matters or be inclusive stories that would appeal to a primarily LGBTQ+ audience. I’m interested in the best stories by the best student writers.

For more information about Freshfruit, please check out our company website:

Please let me know the best channel to share the information with your students.

To Apply

Send an email with a resume and three written samples of work, preferably related to the subject of Freshfruit, to Wesley Wade (