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Posted On: November 11, 2020

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Media Organization: Consumer Reports

Company Description

Consumer Reports

Job Description

CR's Shopping Program aims to offer fun, useful, trustworthy, and well-reported shopping tips, trends and deals for millions of consumers to help make them better, more-empowered shoppers.
If you love finding and sharing insider shopping tips and expert product advice, you'll have the opportunity to work with a dedicated, high-energy team of CR's deal-hunters and data analysts, as well as product testers and experts throughout the organization. Everyone on CR's Shopping Team shares the same goal of making sure consumers get the best deals on products and services that perform well and will last.
You'll write regularly about shopping trends and deals, in addition to interacting with CR's members through social channels and through our membership platform to create service-driven content. You'll also work closely with our Shopping team to build out sources with retailers and ferret out shopping insights to surface through our multiple content properties.


• Spot and surface shopping trends, track holiday sales, and regularly package up tactical consumer advice on how to shop smarter and always score the best deal.
• Create and publish regular deals content through various social channels, in coordination with CR's Social Media team.
• Develop shopping content experiences and interactive experiences for CR members involving personalized recommendations, amplified user feedback based on data and insight.
• Work with the Shopping team to leverage relationships with retailers in our affiliate program to obtain data about sales and deals as well as marketplace trends.


• You've earned a Bachelor's degree and have 3+ years of experience in reporting and writing for a digital media organization.
• You possess the ability to write clear, engaging copy on deadline.
• You have familiarity and facility with multiple social media platforms.
• You have knowledge of retail trends in the home and technology markets.
• Strong competitive instinct required.



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