Investment Reporter

Posted On: December 10, 2020

Media-Related Job

Media Organization: QVIDTVM Inc.

Company Description

QVIDTVM Inc. (pronounced "Quid Tum") is an investment holding company based in New York City.

Job Description

QVIDTVM Inc. is hiring an investment researcher for projects related to the firm's public and private investments. The firm is looking for reporters who do not necessarily have a background in formal finance but are intellectually curious and enjoy deep dives into topics adjacent to financial markets. This includes a range of subjects, including understanding consumer behavior and reporting on the history of an industry. The work will consist in creatively assembling primary sources, reading and analyzing that material, and then speaking to businesspeople, academics, and others who can offer a variety of perspectives. There is a heavy emphasis on interviews.

Qualifications & Experience

Experience in investigative journalism (not necessarily financial)

Strong analytical, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills

Ability to take initiative

Ability to distill and convey information into a coherent, compelling narrative

Outstanding communication skills

To Apply

Those interested should send their resume to Max Raskin (