News Break Fellowship for Local Journalism

Posted On: April 12, 2021


Media Organization: News Break

Company Description

News Break is a successful startup that is transforming the way citizens get local news and information. We were the most downloaded news app in 2020 and already have over 45 million users. We have also partnered with major publishers and are empowering local journalists and content creators through our Creator Program. Our mission is to make local news and information easily accessible to help people live safer, more vibrant, more truly connected lives.

Job Description

The News Break Fellow will help deliver important news to local communities. Fellows will receive editorial feedback and mentoring from News Break staff, as well as the ability to collaborate with other fellows and journalists. This fellowship will provide students with the ability to connect with their audience, build their professional experience and bring attention to important issues. Each fellow will be expected to dedicate ~5 hours a week for pitching, researching, writing and publishing content on News Break.

To Apply

Apply here:

- Resume, cover letter, three reporting samples
-Applications are due April 30, Our fellowship committee will review the applications and select 25 qualified Fellows by May 14