Part-Time Educational Consultant

Posted On: June 7, 2021

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Media Organization: Elite Scholars of China

Company Description

Elite Scholars of China (ESC) is a Beijing-based admissions consulting company that takes an ethical and educational approach to the college admissions process. Our counselors get to know our students as people, not just applicants. When students are in grades 9-11, we help them identify and explore the academic and extracurricular opportunities they are genuinely excited about, while also helping them develop their writing, interviewing, and critical thinking skills. Then, in grade 12, we guide them through every aspect of the application process to US, UK, and Canadian colleges.

Why ESC?

-We take an ethical approach to the application process. We don’t write essays for students; we provide highly individualized support and guidance as they put together their own applications.
-We take a holistic approach to the application process. Our programs are structured to help students grow as individuals throughout their time working with us. We help them develop the communication and critical thinking skills necessary to thrive when they arrive on campus.
-We emphasize the professional growth of our staff members, beginning with an intensive training and on-boarding program, and continuing through close mentorship from senior team members and customized leadership development workshops.
-We take pride in creating a warm, welcoming, and diverse community. We hire individuals from a variety of backgrounds who contribute their perspectives and experiences to help ESC continue to grow and develop.

Job Description

ESC is hiring part-time, remote counselors (5-10 hours/week). We prioritize candidates with strong writing and editing backgrounds, who are experienced in telling compelling stories. There is no Chinese language requirement.

What You Will Be Doing
-Preparing students in grades 9-11 for their college application process by advising on academic and extracurricular development.
-Guiding students in grade 12 through the American, UK, and Canadian college application processes.
-Making data-driven recommendations about which schools each 12th grader should apply to based on extensive ESC data and your understanding of the student’s interests and personality.
-Working one-on-one with 12th graders to help them identify and achieve their educational aspirations by brainstorming essay ideas, developing their writing ability, and practicing interviewing skills.

Graduate and Transfer Applications

ESC has also begun offering support to students applying to the full range of graduate programs, as well as students who wish to transfer to a new undergraduate institution. ESC consultants with relevant experience may be assigned to work with students in either group, in addition to or instead of 12th grade students.


ESC’s physical headquarters are in Beijing, China. However, we are open to considering applicants for both China-based positions and US-based remote positions. For remote staff members interested in visiting China, there may be the opportunity to travel to China and work with students and other staff members in person for several weeks at a time throughout the year. We offer full-time and part-time positions.

Job Requirements

-Strong writing and editing skills
-Ability to excel in intercultural work environments
-Customer service experience
-Flexibility and adaptability
-Must have graduated with undergraduate degree 2+ years ago
-Academic advising experience helpful, but not required


Compensation is commensurate with experience and dependent on student caseload. Please send any related questions to Emma Schoenberger at the email below.

To Apply

Because of the flexibility of the position, the best way to learn more is to talk to us! Contact Emma Schoenberger, Director of Recruitment, at She will be happy to set up time to tell you more about our work and answer your questions, or set-up a first round interview for you. We are accepting applications on a rolling basis and can be flexible with start dates.