Writer, Researcher, and Community Manager at Startup

Posted On: June 9, 2021

Media-Related Job

Media Organization: Facteroid

Company Description

Facteroid is rethinking news from the ground up, delivering a novel experience based on data, facts, and primary sources.

We present news as a series of events in an interactive timeline with charts, data, and primary sources. A powerful combination of automation, AI, and community contribution gives you a unique way to explore news topics. Interactive timelines allow you to explore stories in ways that traditional news articles don't (eg. sort, filter, see how trends in data overlay timeline events).

Facteroid is a very early stage company, and the product is under active development. The site is likely to evolve significantly as we learn things, and the role will change with it. You should be comfortable with the controlled chaos of an early-stage startup with the change and uncertainty (and excitement) that comes with it.

Job Description

Facteroid (https://facteroid.com) is looking for a part-time writer, researcher, and community manager. Your tasks will include:

- Research topics and locate official sources, documents, and primary sources of information.
- Keep the home page content up-to-date. Moderate and improve user contributions.
- Grow the user base by engaging with relevant communities on forums, social media and other places.

To Apply

Sendl resume and cover letter to vinay@facteroid.com. Entries on Facteroid are different from traditional news websites, so please take a moment to explore the site and understand how it works. How will you adjust your writing to match the style and content?