Community Manager

Posted On: September 13, 2021

Journalism Job

Media Organization: Epicenter-NYC

Company Description

Epicenter-NYC, a community journalism initiative to help New Yorkers get through the pandemic, is hiring! We launched as an email newsletter but we have become so much more: podcasts, livestreams, events, websites and still more to come. If you picture yourself equally comfortable interviewing someone in their living room as you are at a vaccine drive or doing an appearance on church TV, this is the job for you.

We have some desired skills listed above but of utmost importance is your commitment to community—in all its forms. We’d also love someone who speaks a language in addition to English and can traverse multiple communities across New York City.

Job Description

Online community engagement provides unique opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of our community’s needs. We are looking for a Community Manager who can blend real and virtual worlds and increase our engagement with multiple audiences based on a deep understanding of our core competencies and where we can provide value.


-Assess the needs of our communities and ensure content reflects these priorities
-Overall champion for the community and able to evangelize the community
-Drive strategy to scale and grow communities
own community engagement across relevant online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat
-Create and drive program rewarding community engagement
participate in online conversation where you see fit such as on Twitter and Facebook
-Coordinate IRL events such as forums, tabling, food tours or discussions around books and film (as examples)
-Collaborate with cross-functional teams to help identify the pulse on the community around critical issues
-Create assets for the community in the form that optimizes consumption, perhaps blog posts and videos, maybe phone calls or podcasts.
-Create and run virtual/in-person events targeting the community
-Help Epicenter-NYC be an industry model how communities are run and grown and mutually reflected and respected

About You/Qualifications

-You welcome community discussions and different points of view
-Previous experience participating and organizing a community, doesn't necessarily have to be in the media industry
-Not afraid to experiment and try old and new tactics building and engaging the community
-Ability to make compelling content in written/video formats for the community
-Success in community management
-Excellent oral and written communication

To Apply

To apply, send a memo on how you’d approach the job to