Podcast Producer and Communications and Marketing Officer

Posted On: September 15, 2021

Media-Related Job

Media Organization: Big Biology podcast

Company Description

Scientists talking to scientists, but accessible to anyone. We are living in a golden age of biology research. Big Biology is a podcast that tells the stories of scientists tackling some of the biggest unanswered questions in biology.

Your hosts, Marty Martin and Art Woods, talk to leading scientists from around the world about topics like why we drink alcohol, human consciousness and artificial intelligence, new directions in evolutionary theory, where diseases come from, and whether Godzilla could actually exist. You can listen to the podcasts on www.bigbiology.org or get them on iTunes and Google Play.

Job Description

The principal duties and obligations of the appointment are to produce episodes, manage interns and some operations, and increase the listenership of the Big Biology podcast. The incumbent will work as part of a team to produce and communicate the Big Biology podcast, a non profit institution registered in Montana and active since December 2017. A high level of competence is needed in sound editing, script writing, social media outreach, and website design. The incumbent will co-manage a team to maintain uninterrupted and consistent progress toward the goals of the podcast. A successful incumbent will have considerable latitude to develop and carry forward projects intended to broaden and enhance the scope and reputation of the podcast and its elements.

Compose and edit scripts, transcribe interviews, sound edit and mix audio from interviews.
Create and manage calendar of podcast productions and coordinate with hosts.
Manage interns and other staff members.
Social media outreach and website design.
Other duties and responsibilities as needed.

Minimum Qualifications
This position requires a Bachelor’s degree in communication, marketing, public relations, technical writing, digital media, or related science field, with two years of experience in related positions; or a Master’s degree in the fields listed above. Appropriate college coursework or vocational/technical training may substitute at an equivalent rate for the required experience.

Preferred Qualifications
Baccalaureate degree in biology or related field and 1-3 years experience in science communication including podcast production and social media; or a master’s degree in biology or related field.; Experience or formal coursework in science communication; podcast or other audio producing experience; personnel management experience; familiarity with business software, sound production and websites including Airtable, Slack, Patreon, Audacity, GarageBand, and others.

To Apply

Apply at this website, as the position is paid by a federal grant administered by the University of South Florida, position 28430.