Contributing Writer

Posted On: November 30, 2021


Media Organization: TheRighting

Company Description

TheRighting is a boutique content company with a mission to inform mainstream and liberal audiences about stories, viewpoints and thinking from right-wing media that is not on their radar.

The company launched in September 2017, several weeks after the White supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA. Since then, TheRighting has been aggregating 16-18 articles a day from various right-wing media outlets and distributing them in its free daily e-newsletter to thousands of subscribers. There is no other mainstream company providing this service.

The company has a website, an e-newsletter and a social media presence. TheRighting analyzes traffic to conservative websites and publishes its findings monthly in an exclusive report based on Comscore data which is regularly quoted by mainstream media. Other original content created by TheRighting includes its A-Z Guide to Right-Wing Media with more than 100 listings, Who’s Who in Conservative Media, the Trump Book Tracker and an ongoing round-up of the conservative anti-vaxxer radio hosts who have died.

Job Description

TheRighting is looking for permanent freelance writers to contribute three-to-four 700-word articles a month. Beginning early in 2022, TheRighting is increasing its original content to cover all forms of conservative media (television, podcasts, book publishing, social media and more) to shed more light on this vastly under-reported area. Interested candidates should have some demonstrated journalism experience and an interest in politics and media. Knowledge of conservative media a plus.

To Apply

Send cover note, resume and link(s) to published work to Howard Polskin (