Posted On: August 9, 2022

Journalism Job

Media Organization: The Jersey City Times

Company Description

The Jersey City Times was founded on October 15, 2019, by attorney, writer, and former community activist Aaron Morrill to provide reliable and informative news focused solely on Jersey City. It is dedicated to high-quality, in-depth coverage of Jersey City’s people, neighborhoods, politics, schools, businesses, culture, and cuisine.

In less than three years, The Jersey City Times has garnered a large following and played an important role in informing the public on pressing issues in New Jersey’s fastest growing and second largest city.

Job Description

You will be expected to file five well-written and reported stories each month of approximately 500 words each. Stories will be assigned by the editor, but the writer will be encouraged to pitch stories that are of interest to our readers.

Applicant should have a demonstrated interest in reporting on government, education or business. There will be opportunities to write on other topics, however.

To Apply

Interested applicants should send an email to Please include a resume, brief bio and writing samples.