Paid Media-Related Internship for Film Producer, Editor, and/or Narrator

Posted On: August 8, 2022

Media-Related Internship

Media Organization: NYU Langone Critical Care & Resuscitation Research Group

Company Description

NYU Langone's Critical Care & Resuscitation Science group is pioneering clinical research related to cardiac arrest, CPR, near-death experiences, and consciousness around the time of death. Our mission is to not only save more lives and the brains of survivors, but also to elucidate what happens to the human mind and consciousness beyond the traditionally viewed point of death.

Job Description

We are looking to establish a creative and dedicated team of people who have a passion for educational storytelling. Our goal is to inform the public about topics related to our research in an easily-digestible yet engaging manner. Our video formats include animations, short films, and docuseries made for our growing social media platforms and YouTube.

This internship is not eligible for credit.

Job Descriptions:
We are looking for people who have a diverse set of skills - video editors, producers, script writers, and/or on-screen journalists. Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and/or Final Cut Pro X is a must for those apply for video editor or production positions. An interest in the medical science or healthcare fields is a plus, but not a requirement.

This is a paid part-time position with flexible hours and the option to work remotely on certain tasks (namely video editing).

To Apply

Please send your resume, examples of your work, and schedule to Natalia Leontovich at