Freelance Journalist

Posted On: November 29, 2023


Media Organization: PassBlue

Company Description

PassBlue is an independent, women-led nonprofit digital media company that covers foreign affairs and the United Nations, focusing on women’s issues and the impact of major world powers on ordinary citizens. We are strongly committed to high-quality, in-depth original reporting, and our team strives to ensure that big powers and the UN itself are accountable to the public.

Job Description

We are seeking an experienced, eager freelance journalists to report regularly to our news site on a range of stories, including breaking news, investigations and analyses, aiming at all times for fairness and accuracy.

- Conduct research and gather information on assigned topics
- Interview sources and gather firsthand information
- Write news articles, features and other journalistic content
- Fact-check information to ensure accuracy and credibility
- Stay up-to-date with global current events and trends to pitch relevant story ideas
- Adhere to ethical standards and guidelines of journalism

- Strong writing and communication skills, including grammatical accuracy
- Knowledge of journalism principles and practices
- Ability to fact-check information and verify sources
- Proficient in social media management for promoting content and engaging with audience
- Bilingual proficiency is a plus for conducting interviews or reporting in multiple languages

As a journalist, you will play a crucial role in delivering accurate and engaging news stories to our global audience, stretching from New York City, Washington and Europe to India, Africa and Australia and New Zealand. Your ability to research, write, edit, fact-check and communicate effectively will be essential in producing high-quality journalistic content. Additionally, your proficiency in social media management, and bilingual skills will further enhance your capabilities as a journalist. Join our team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about delivering news that informs and inspires.

Travel budget available for selected assignments

To Apply

Applicants should send a cover letter, resume, and a sample of, or a link to, their recent journalism work to John Penney (