Cultural Correspondent

For better of worse Scallywag and Vagabond is a very much lauded media company with a worldwide audience. Many of our writers write for reputable media outlets including Vanity Fair, True Slant, Huffington Post, NY Mag, Rolling Stone. Conversely many of our articles have been featured by many of these same journals.

Scallywag and Vagabond is always on the look out for exceptional writers, who have demonstrated uncanny ability to digest a scene and promulgate provocation, wit, and the occasional faux pas.

Please be warned we are very discerning when it comes to bringing on writers and primarily look for a certain "Je ne sais quoi" that will separate you from most candidates.

If you come to write for us, expect to turn up to charity functions on our behalf, art parties, salons, the Bryant Park fashion collections, the most happening and exclusive parties, affairs in NYC, and the occasional jaunt to the French consulate or punk rock venue. You should also within time expect to interview celebrated members of society, famous and accomplished.

You should also be aware that we do not offer our new writers any pay. Please when applying also offer samples of published written work, your interests, passions, favorite sites, and what you believe the role of an artist/writer is. I will not answer your email if you don't take the time to do this much.

Unlike most journals, I am open to dissenting points of view, and if we like you, will provide you an ongoing forum. We are a thinking person's tabloid/cultural journal.

I look forward from hearing from you.

Christopher Koulouris,

Editor in Chief,

Scallywag and Vagabond

Contributing writer

Seeking contributors to review sketch, improv and stand-up comedy performance in and around New York City (mostly Manhattan, but could consider Brooklyn). Unpaid, but will arrange for reviewer passes to shows being assigned. Require quick turnaround of reviews either within a day or week. Seeking usually 400-600 words each. Please contact Michael Shashoua, editor-in-chief, Jester ( and e-mail or provide links to clips of your writing. Arts & entertainment reviews preferred as samples; feature writing acceptable.


THE LOCAL ZiP is a free monthly newspaper, and website, distributed in Hunterdon (NJ) and Bucks (PA) counties. The 150 word articles are fun, light, family-friendly and informative and cover a variety of topics including books, movies, gardening, health, fitness, cooking, technology, relationships and observations on modern life.

THE LOCAL ZiP is seeking contributors to deliver one 150 word piece, due by the 15th of each month. Contributors to THE LOCAL ZiP work for credit and byline ONLY. Further, the paper looks for a one year commitment from each contributor.

Contrbutor . Man Of The Hour Magazine (online) is an online men's lifestyle magazine in the the same vein of GQ, Details, and Esquire. We are seeking editorial contributors starting in June. the position is unpaid and ongoing per negotiations. Contributors will write for the site so you must be committed and a self-starter. This position is an online position and shall be based out of your own area residence. As an Editorial contributor you will be given the responsibility of writing and posting regular weekly pieces, and monthly features. All contributors will be able to use their tenure with the Man Of The Hour as a resume building experience. Below are the various departments we are looking to fill:
-Arts/Entertainment Editor -Business/Politics Editor -Home/Technology Editor -Lifestyles Editor -Nightlife/Travel Editor
-Sports Editor
-Style Editor

Preferably you should be a college undergraduate or graduate studying journalism (or a related field) and have prior writing/reporting experience with your school newspaper or another publication. Recent college graduates are also welcome to apply.

Freelance Blogger

Pieces 'Zine ( goes over the various materials we use in our everyday lives and attempts to show the impact these materials have on our culture. We are looking for contributors to update at least once per week...currently we are looking for 3 contributors.

Reporter/Blogger with a sense of humor

Are you interested in small businesses? Can you make the mundane interesting? Do you have a sense of humor? If so, read further… is a newly launched B2B review site where customers write reviews about their vendors. It's all about information sharing – businesses owners helping other businesses owners by sharing their experiences. We imagine that there are a lot of interesting stories in those experiences and we're looking for a great storyteller (based on facts, of course).

Not only will you write the story, but you'll also have to go find the story. So that means sourcing and reporting on it.

The stories will be published on the UsefulVendor blog, but you should be hip to social media and not shy about spreading your great stories throughout relevant online media outlets.

This can be your forum - you get credit for the pieces you write and can brand the blog around your identity.

If this opportunity sounds too good to be true, then it might be, because it's unpaid (open to discussion on a small stipend). However, advertising revenue sharing opportunity is definitely on the table as your great stories bring more traffic.

Contributing Writer, a leading hip-hop and R&B website, is looking for writers to conduct interviews and write stories for upcoming issues. This is an unpaid opportunity, but is a great way to build up published clips. Looking for people to start immediately.

Candidates should have journalism experience, hip-hop knowledge, and be able to conduct in-person or phone interviews.

Contributors is looking for a talented students with an interest in environmental issues.

Your time commitment could result in several clips.

Candidates not living in the Phoenix or NYC area will telecommute for this opportunity, therefore, the applicant should have reliable Internet and telephone access, be able to work independently and adhere to strict deadlines. reports the latest environmental issues for the news section and publishes weekly feature articles tailored for readers that are new to the green scene.

A trusted source of daily content for mainstream environmental sites,'s politically neutral and consumer-focused content has resulted in coverage in The New York Times, Time magazine, Newsweek, Oprah, Good Morning America and CNN, among others.

The ideal candidate must:

* Have a basic understanding of environmental topics including recycling, proper disposal, cradle-to-cradle and renewable energy.
* Be well-versed in current environmental news topics.
* Be able to coordinate and conduct interviews with secondary sources. This includes researching contact information that would be appropriate for the subject.
* Understand how to translate scientific or government terminology into content designed for a consumer audience.
* Have a thorough understanding of AP Style.
* Produce content with a consistent, neutral tone.


* Communication is of utmost importance. We expect our interns to be available during business hours for last-minute edits or coverage.
* The ideal candidate will complete assigned topics utilizing thorough research and supporting interviews and/or information.
* Must know the difference between hard news writing and feature writing. They must also be able to deliver articles in a tone that is consistent with Earth911's style and voice.
Candidates should send cover letter, resume and two relevant writing samples to:

Videographer/Video Journalist

Internet start-up seeks motivated journalism students or videographers to shoot man-on-the-street interviews in New York City and surrounding areas. This work requires a comfort in approaching and interviewing strangers. Starting pay is $10 per edited interview of 1-3 minutes in length, but we will pay standard industry rates once the company has secured financing. This is appropriate for those seeking to expand their video portfolio or get involved with a new media start-up.


Capital New York ( is a recently-launched website about New York culture, media and politics. Capital was founded by the former editors of the New York Observer.

Contributors have a flexible schedule to report, write and research. Contributors will report on political events, art openings, lectures, readings, rallies, and so on. Contributors are encouraged to pitch short-and-long-term stories.

We have an office in Soho that contributors are welcome to work in.

Undergraduate and graduate contributors are unpaid.