Editorial Director

Posted On: March 19, 2015

Media-Related Job

Media Organization: ClearPath

Company Description

ClearPath is a digital platform that brings clarity to clean energy and climate change so a unified American public loudly advocates for solutions. Our mission is to simplify the science, share the solutions and empower people to accelerate a clean energy future.

ClearPath is not your typical foundation. We are a highly focused, strategic and entrepreneurial philanthropic enterprise that is deep, disciplined and collaborative in all we do. We aren’t afraid to make mistakes along the way in order to do great things. We believe that climate change is both the greatest risk and greatest opportunity of our time. Defeat is not in our vocabulary.

We aim to break through the divisive politics that have halted our progress on climate solutions. We will speak to the thoughtful moderate audiences that experts have largely ignored and many have misled, treating them with utmost respect and delivering the clear, compelling explanation of clean energy opportunities, and climate consensus, risks, and solutions that is missing from our national conversation.

ClearPath is blessed with world class resources to carry out this mission – we have committed $40 million through December 2016 to move this issue up in importance and get desired outcomes in key political areas. Our value-add will be clear, compelling content coupled with best-in-class digital marketing. We are hiring superb talent, and expect and reward distinctive impact.

Job Description

ClearPath is seeking an exceptional storyteller and communicator for our editorial director. This position requires finding and telling the rare stories that catch the public imagination about the possibilities of clean energy and the risks of climate change, all through the complex dynamics of a fast moving news cycle and content publishing engine. Given that there is no shortage of content and new analysis produced every day on climate change, ClearPath is primarily a content curation organization – we find the great stories, put our distinctive spin on them for our audience, and use them as hooks to link our readers back into the corpus of content we’ve created. We believe we have already compiled the most comprehensive argument on the need for strong American action on clean energy to address climate change.

The editorial director must be comfortable working in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment that is goal-oriented and emphasizes accountability for delivering results. While the job description below would be your primary set of responsibilities, we are moving very quickly in a start-up type environment where we’ll occasionally need to take an “all hands on deck” approach to responding and pivoting in changing circumstances.

Job Competencies
“Right brain” orientation: Ability to sift through piles of data and analysis and find the new angle, analysis, story, or visualization that will bring an idea to life in a brand new way compelling for our audience
Flexibility in Voice: Can write for mass consumer audiences and translate complex topics into succinct, clear and compelling editorial—think Malcolm Gladwell. Must also be able to speak to the “professional/scientific” climate change audience to build brand credibility among partners, media and policy makers.
Communication: Optimistic, engaging and persuasive. Able to take a position and support a thesis.
High standards: Expects personal performance and team performance to be nothing short of excellence.
Efficiency: Able to produce significant output with minimal wasted effort. Can work on tight deadlines.
Aggressiveness: Moves quickly and can take a forceful yet tactful stand when needed.
Curiosity: Looks at problems from all angles and asks very insightful questions.
Intelligence: Learns quickly. Demonstrates ability to quickly and proficiently understand new information.
Attention to Detail: Passion for excellence. Does not let important details slip through the cracks.
Ability to source/hire A players: Sources, selects, and sells A players to join us at ClearPath.
Teamwork: Reaches out to others. Effectively collaborates. Creates positive, results-oriented relationships.
Openness to criticism and ideas: Often solicits feedback. Open to criticism and negative feedback.

Cultural Competencies
Passion: Consistently strives to make the organization better by making others better. Goes above and beyond to maximize impact.
Integrity: Trustworthy in all respects. Always tells the truth and is quick to admit mistakes.
Service: Learns from others in the trenches. Acts selflessly.
Depth: Willing to dig deep to challenge the status quo and discover hidden opportunities.
Transparency: Share our findings and process in a way that informs and inspires.

Specific Functions
o Build and manage the ClearPath writing team: ClearPath is building a strong group of extremely talented writers and story-tellers who are excellent at speaking with our target audience, American moderates and conservatives.
o Design the appropriate writing organization structure, likely to include a mix of full-time and freelance resources
o Attract and hire/contract with extraordinary talent to build out this structure – potentially to include innovative sourcing techniques like crowdsourcing and prizes
o Manage the writing team, including developing talent, designing compensation and incentive structures for high performance
o Owner for the voice of ClearPath.org: ClearPath maintains a web destination, ClearPath.org, that aims to be the comprehensive argument for strong American leadership on clean energy to address climate change. It includes content on clean energy opportunities and the consensus, science, and risks of climate change, along with assets backed by extensive quantitative models including personal energy use calculators and projections on net job impacts from clean energy
o Develop the ClearPath.org voice – leveraging our growing body of audience insights, with heavy consultation from our Chief Product Officer
o Ensure all existing and new ClearPath content is standardized into that voice
o Ensures smooth delivery of ClearPath’s new content production engine: ClearPath will continuously update the content in its master argument as new developments arise and/or new appropriate data and analysis are released. ClearPath will also continuously produce new content related to our argument, to both advance the movement (e.g., responding assertively to misinformation) and drive traffic to our platform.
o In consultation with our Chief Product Officer and Chief Content Officer, and assisted by our Operations Manager, build out a content production calendar with planned and anticipated content, and steadily execute on that content through the year
o Lead the ClearPath rapid response function, with the aim of becoming the go-to web destination for simple, non-ideological corrections for misinformation about climate change and clean energy

• Experience:
o Professional editorial experience involving deep analysis and creative storytelling on sustainability topics in a high learning, fast paced environment – news desk, successful advocacy organization, high impact blogging
o Minimum of 5+ years of work experience including both own writing activities and managing editorial process
• Outcomes
o Demonstrable work product with clear, compelling written materials
o Track record in building high quality writing team
o Ideally, demonstrable experience in building digital content for high-traffic acquisition targets
• Passion for seizing clean energy opportunities and reducing the risks of climate change

Compensation & Benefits
• Top of market salary with cost of living adjustment, top of market bonus commensurate with performance
• Health, dental, disability insurance and 401(k)
• Company match up to 7 to 1 of employee’s charitable donations (matching ratio depends on alignment to ClearPath focus areas)
• Beautiful new office with a fully stocked kitchen

To Apply

Apply online here: http://leaderfit.catsone.com/careers/index.php?m=portal&a=details&jobOrderID=5047764